Father Christmas's Live Video Chats

Father Christmas wants to make up for not meeting families in person very much this year by arranging live exclusive video chats direct from his cosy little home in the North Pole. He will conduct video chats with any children who are accompanied throughout by an adult.

With your help in advance Father Christmas will know everything your children will want to talk about. He also has lots of stories and poems to share, and he can’t wait to swap all the best Christmas jokes.

Father Christmas doesn’t care who’s naughty or nice. He knows that all children deserve presents at Christmas, not just the good ones. Father Christmas also dislikes tell-tales, which is why he ignores everything Elf on the Shelf has to say.

Father Christmas LOVES magic! If you supply and pay for a gift yourself (and explain to him beforehand where it is hidden) he will astound your children by telling them where to look.